A photograph of a postcard with the words ‘God is Love, 1 John 4:8.’ The design is of red heart flowers growing between blades of green grass. Purple and yellow butterflies flutter in the blue sky. This watercolour has been hand-painted by a young child. The background of the photographs is blue. There are paint items surrounding the photo (card, a paint tub lid, green tape, a red handled brush and a smaller paintbrush).
A short video of a happy child talking about the postcard he has created. He is showing his hand-painted watercolour postcard in his hand. Pastel floral cushions can be seen behind him. He is sitting on a grey sofa.
This photograph shows the reverse of the ‘God is Love’ postcard. The reverse is brightened by smaller images from the front of the postcard: there is a small purple and yellow butterfly in the top right corner. In the lower corner there are small flowers with red hearts growing among green grass. There is a small reference to the Mary, Martha & Meg website at the bottom of the postcard. A child’s hand is seen with a pencil in hand. The postcard lies on a white wooden table with stationary items.

God is Love Postcard | 1 John 4:8

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‘God is Love’ from 1 John 4:8.

This is one of Timmy’s favourite verses, and a treasured one of so many Christians around the world.

It has been painted using watercolours, featuring heart-shaped red flowers. Digital text has been added. The back of the postcard has a smaller motif of the flowers as well as a pretty butterfly stamp in the right-hand corner.

The postcard is approximately 140 mm x 114 mm and is printed on quality 300 gsm Trucard. Each postcard has rounded edges. The postcard is beautifully childlike. Do zoom in to take a look to check it appeals to you. Timmy wants 10% of every sale to go towards the NHS, helping people like his mummy who have worked so hard in Lockdown with Covid patients.

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