Natural Wax Candle Care

All Mary, Martha & Meg candles are handcrafted using wax from environmentally friendly, sustainable resources – natural rapeseed and soy 


Because the candles are made from a natural products they have a lower melting point than paraffin candles, which means they produce a stronger ‘throw’ of scent, burn cleaner and for longer.

You may notice your candle has a frosted appearance, may yellow or have an uneven surface once the flame is extinguished. This is perfectly normal and does not affect the performance of the candle. It is evidence you have a beautifully natural, vegan candle; soy is a living organism and continues to contract and change.

I hand-pour my candles in small batches. Each scent is inspired by a carefully chosen Bible verse. I love spending time designing and creating quality labels which I hope reflects my love of these beautifully scented candles and Bible verses.

What are top, heart (or middle) and base notes?

When you first light your candle, top notes give the initial impressions of the fragrance. They are usually fresh and uplifting. These lead to the middle notes, often described as the ‘heart notes’ because they form the heart of the fragrance. Heart notes balance the fresh top notes and the warm base notes. The base notes are last to be revealed and last the longest, giving warmth to the top and heart notes.

Care of your Candles:

The first time you burn a candle, let it burn until it reaches the side of the candle container. This allows the wax to pool evenly and ensures an even burn with maximum fragrance throw for future burns. If you blow it out sooner, all future burns will only reach the width of the initial burn, meaning the candle will ‘tunnel’ and waste a lot of wax.


  •  Let your candle burn for 2-3 hours at a time.
  •  Use a snuffer to extinguish the flame.
  • Before lighting your candle again, trim the wick to 3-5mm. This will allow a better flame and also get rid of the occasional ‘mushroom’ wick (caused by a rich fragrance).
  • As your candle nears the end, blow it out before all the wax disappears, so the container does not become too hot.
  • Once your candle is finished, why not re-purpose the cleaned container and use it as a small storage container for your small stationary or craft items? (Not food)

Candle Safety:

  • Place your candle on a flat, heat resistant surface out of the reach of children and pets.
  • Keep you candle away from drafts, water and moisture.
  • Never leave your burning candle unattended.
  • Keep your candle away from children and pets.
  • Do not let your candle burn for more than 2-3 hours (small candles no more than 2 hours).
  • As your candle nears the end, blow it out before all the wax disappears, so the container does not become too hot.